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Document Translations

TrustWordy supplies document translation services in a wide range of fields. In all of our translations, we are meticulous about the minute details and ensure that you receive the most authentic and accurate translation possible, which is particularly crucial when translating various types of official documents . A professional translation is the conversion of text from one language (the source language) to another (the target language)…

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Editing & Proofreading

TrustWordy employs expert editors , who work together with our translators to help provide our clients with texts that are not only accurate, but polished, conveying the message in a manner suited to the target language. Every premium-level translation is checked by one of our professional editors, whose rich knowledge and fresh perspective enable them to spot errors that even the best translators make from time to time…


Software/App Localization & Translation

Once a product has been successfully launched in English (or in any other language), it makes economic sense to expand to international markets.
It is a well-known fact that consumers worldwide prefer to use products and applications in their native languages. If you want to reach a global audience and increase revenues, TrustWordy offers you the most advanced…


Quality Assurance (QA) & Testing

Localization is so much more than translation, editing and proofreading. Quality assurance and localization testing can make or break the success of your product. Which is why choosing the best and most meticulous company for your localization project is absolutely critical. Our team of QA and testing experts will test your software for linguistic accuracy and functionality …


Website Localization & Translation

It is certainly true that people prefer to surf the Internet in their native languages. It is equally true that websites offering multiple language options enjoy incremental leaps in public interest and certainly, faster revenue growth. In our competitive global village, people and companies with such foresight become leaders in their respective markets. Typically, TrustWordy’s work on such projects involves HTML, XML and PHP files…


Transcription Services

We have been transcription experts since the early 1960s, when we began providing recording and transcription services to Israeli government ministries, to the courts, to municipalities, universities, international conferences and for board meetings of public and private corporations. Our team of transcription experts are at your service to decipher and transcribe any audio recordings you want documented, in any language…


Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

TrustWordy does not just provide translations of documents and software and website localization, or just insert the translations into the original layout, because the original layout may not be appropriate in the culture your translation is targeting and we are uncompromising when it comes to excellence. Our team of specialists in graphics and desktop publishing is responsible for ensuring that your translated document, application, product or website looks, feels and functions identically to your original concept…


Consecutive & Simultaneous Translations

If you need consecutive translation of a court hearing, a meeting with foreign guests, a business meeting, or any other important event, contact TrustWordy.com and we will pair you with experienced professional interpreters, whose particular expertise is in consecutive translation. We will ensure that your interpreter has relevant sector-specific experience and a command of the relevant terminology…

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